Corporate Overview

Elysee Development Corp. is a diversified investment and venture capital firm with a focus on publicly traded companies in the natural resource sector.

With a management team experienced in the financing, engineering, construction and management of resource projects on a worldwide basis, Elysee has been able to capitalize on exceptional opportunities in the commodity and precious metals sector.

Our investment portfolio currently consists of equity investments in small to medium sized public companies, with a focus on specialty metals as well as gold and silver. We participate on a regular basis in financings that are not always available to the retail investor. In addition, we invest in high yield convertible debentures of select issuers.

Since its appointment in July 2012, Elysee Development’s current management team has:

Increased Shareholder Value

Elysee has increased net shareholder’s equity from $5,623,300 at November 30, 2013 to $12,184,405 as at November 30, 2017 (a 75% increase) without raising additional capital and while returning over $2.5 Million directly to the shareholders by way of dividends and share buybacks.

Net Asset Value (NAV) per share has increased from $0.26 on November 30, 2013 to $0.56 on May 31, 2018, an increase of 117% while paying out $0.08 in dividends during the period.

In terms of dollar value, and after adding back dividends paid to shareholders during that same period, this represents an increase in NAV of $8,082,557 (+144%) over the past 4.5 years, for an annualized Return on Equity (ROE) of 32%.

A Track Record of Profitability and Dividend Growth

Elysee has achieved five consecutive years of profitability, having generated after-tax earnings of $7,490,630 in the five fiscal years up to November 30, 2017. The Company has paid out $0.16 per share to shareholders during that period, as follows:

Fiscal Year ending Nov. 30 Earnings per Share Dividends per Share
2013 $0.03 $0.08*
2014 $0.08 -
2015 $0.04 $0.02
2016 $0.17 $0.02
2017 $0.03 $0.03
2018 (first half) $0.05 0.01 (interim)

*A tax-free return of capital of $0.08 per share ($1.8 Million) was paid in July of 2013.

For fiscal 2017, Elysee provided a yield from dividends of 8.3% and currently trades at a discount to NAV of approximately 36%. The Company believes it can enable its shareholders to capitalize on the exceptional opportunities available in the natural resource sector with less volatility and reduced risk through a diversified portfolio.